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Some of our best features

Keyword research

Keyword Research

Get hundreds of keyword suggestions with just one seed keyword within seconds

Filter keywords by CPC, search volume, and number of words to quickly find what you need

Rank Tracker

Easily track your SEO efforts by using the Rank Tracker

Just add URL, keywords, select location, and set language to start tracking your keywords

Rank Tracker

Public Reports

With SerpKit, all it takes is a single click to create a real-time SERP report that you can share with your clients

Shareable Links

Easily create and share public URLs of the projects to make it easy for your clients monitor rankings.

On-demand updates

Refresh the project or selected keywords whenever you need updated rankings.

Daily Checks

Keywords are automatically checked daily from the time you first enter them.

How it works

Create Project

1. Create Project

Give your project a name to get started

2. Add Keywords

  • Enter the URL you want to track
  • Enter a seed keyword and get a list of suggestions
  • Select the search location, language, and device type
  • Enter city, zip, or state that to track locally
Select Keywords
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3. Get Real Time Ranking

SerpKit will instantly return the rankings of the keywords that you can share with your team or clients


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Billed monthly
  • 50 Keywords per day
  • 200 Suggestions per search
  • 70 Keyword evaluations
  • 100 Daily checks (rank tracker)
  • 100 On-demand updates (rank tracker)


Billed monthly
  • 100 Keywords per day
  • 700 Suggestions per search
  • 150 Keyword evaluations
  • 300 Daily checks (rank tracker)
  • 300 On-demand updates (rank tracker)


Billed monthly
  • 500 Keywords per day
  • 700 Suggestions per search
  • 700 Keyword evaluations
  • 500 Daily checks (rank tracker)
  • 500 On-demand updates (rank tracker)